12″ Small Glass Side Table

Side table are placed next to the sofa, we can put some small things on it, can also be used as decorations at home. The side table beside the sofa is actually one of the most utilized furniture in the living room. The soft light during the break, the books you read in your spare time, the fresh breath brought by flowers and plants to your family, and a small square table can satisfy your imagination of life. Cast glass/fused glass is also known as slump glass, kiln formed glass, kiln carved glass, which is heated to a certain point of temperature in order to texture, fuse or bend it, thus crate unique patterns on the glass surface. Our cast glass can be made into special shapes, drilled, notched, laminated, painted. For tempering, depends on the patterns on the glass surface, please contact us for more details Aqua Clear/ Ultra Clear/ Blue/ Green/ Grey/ Tea/ Painting/Printing

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