Glass Side table

Clever placement:
It is also important to choose the place to put it in home after choose the style of the side table. The side table is not necessarily in accordance with the rules. That is, the side table should not be placed in the front of the sofa in the center, you can placed beside the sofa or in front of the french window, and then matched with tea sets, lamps, potted plants and other decorations, which can show a different kind of home style, even some small tea tables with more multifunctional, you can choose the style of carving and moving.

If you want to strengthen the local aesthetic feeling, you can put a small carpet under the tea table to match the space and sofa, and then put on a small potted plants, so that the tea table becomes a beautiful landscape.

Special collocation:
For the room with more spacious room, It’s easy to build the elegant space more leisurely, and combination of tea table is a good choice. The combination tea table is made of several matching tea table. Generally, the overall volume is large, and the individual styles of each table are similar and the tone is harmonious. The combination of the tea table has a three-dimensional sense of hierarchy, which seems to be a random combination of several glass and other furniture, but the relaxed mood created by hand makes the room more comfortable and comfortable.

And with the glass tea table matching sofa has many kinds, such as cane fabric sofa, wooden sofa, leather sofa, etc. The tea table with fusion glass and iron art is more suitable for simple style space and wide American leisure sofa

Post time: May-24-2021