Introduction to glass tea table

If we add some glass to the home in this area of wood decoration, it will definitely feel a little more different. Imagine that the glass under the light and everything around it actually matched so harmoniously, steel and transparent.

Although tea table is a small supporting role in space, it can often shape colorful life lively expression in the space of home. The glass tea table has clear, fresh and transparent texture. It is full of three-dimensional effect after the light irradiation, which can make the space bigger and more vigorous, and also make the glass tea table full of vitality.

Select style:
With the popularity of beautifying the home with technology, the shape and characteristics of glass tea table are more varied. Modern glass tea table is suitable for fresh and natural space; And the tea table of glass and iron is suitable for simple style space; The glass tea table is simple and beautiful in texture, which can convey the natural and simple feeling.
Introduction to glass tea table
The whole glass tea table is full of streamline feeling, as if there is water flowing in the living room. This kind of low tea table is assembled with alloy thin column leg and hot-melt glass table top. The table leg it’s painted with gold. It is perfectly combined with the hot-melt glass table top. It is crystal clear, delicate and delicate, showing a sense of lightness and elegance. One side of the glass with patterns, and the theory of beautification under the glass is more obvious. The base made of flowing water pattern makes the whole tea table more dynamic. White is simple, and gold makes it more high-grade and rich in connotation.

Post time: May-24-2021